The Countries With The Cheapest Travel Visa

Traveling is one of the most enjoyable and exciting activities that we can do in our life. Countries with cheap travel visa offer a good opportunity for tourists to explore new countries without paying an expensive fee. Countries With Most Cheap Travel Visa


The first on this list is Bhutan. It has one of the best tourist visas in Asia and also offers affordable accommodation and food services for tourists who want to visit the beautiful Bhutanese culture. The visa costs about $30 USD, which includes your roundtrip transportation from Paro International Airport!

Bhutan is not only cheap but it’s an easy destination too; you can reach it by bus or plane via Kathmandu, Bangkok or Delhi. Once you arrive at Paro International Airport, you can quickly take the shuttle bus to Thimphu or Paro.

Pakistan If you are looking for a country with an affordable visa then Pakistan is your best choice! Pakistani visas cost about $50 USD and it’s available on arrival at airports only. You can also get this type of visa if you have friends in the city that can vouch for you but make sure they give guarantees as well because these types of visas are usually issued one day before travel date.

Pakistan also offers really cheap flights for tourists which can be as low as $80 USD without any extra fees. The downside is that the country’s infrastructure isn’t very good so you may find yourself struggling with transportation, food and lodging at times.


If there are two countries with cheap travel visa then Nepal should be one of them! One way to get a Nepalese tourist visa is through an agency or tour operator in your home country but it will cost about $150-$450 USD depending on how long it lasts. Countries With Most Cheap Travel Visa . Nevertheless, you can still visit this beautiful destination by taking advantage of their easy visas when arriving at Kathmandu International Airport; all you have to do is drop by the visa office for a few minutes and you are good to go.

Afghanistan- Countries with cheap travel holiday have many choices such as Afghanistan; one example would be its eVisa costs only $25 USD. Countries With Most Cheap Travel Visa . The good thing about this type of visa is that it’s issued for 30 days and can be renewed twice more, so you have the option to stay longer than three months.


Indonesia is the perfect choice if you are looking for a cheaper alternative; its eVisa costs only $35 USD and it’s also available on arrival at airports! An added bonus would be that this country offers great food, accommodations, recreation activities and even some of the best beaches in Asia too. The downside is that Indonesia has one of the strictest drug laws so make sure not to get caught or else they will put you in jail immediately.

Cuba- Countries With Most Cheap Tourist Friendly Countries- Cuba is another destination where tourists can enjoy their stay without paying a lot. Their visa cost is $100 USD per person and it’s also available on arrival at airports too, Countries With Most Cheap Travel Visa

Bolivia- Countries with cheap travel holiday can be really surprising as Bolivia has one of the cheapest tourist visas in all of South America: it costs about $30 USD! The country offers beautiful landscapes and great food as well. It does have some downsides though such as bad infrastructure, high crime rates so make sure to take precautions when exploring this destination.

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